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Advanced Driver 
Assistance system

Features that allow/require your vehicles camera to be recalibrated

Do you have :
  • Lane departure?
  • Lane keep assist?
  • Automatic braking?
  • Forward collision alert?
  • Blindspot?
These are just a few features that are part of the technology involved in your vehicles camera system. Whether you have one or all of these listed, the manufacturer recommends that the camera is recalibrated after the windshield replacement.
We're sure you have heard before from other companies that you do not have to recalibrate your camera because they “didn't unplug the camera during the windshield replacement’. Well, we dont unplug the camera either, but when you are talking about safety, we trust the manufacturer of your vehicle. The manufacturer states the camera needs to be recalibrated for safety reasons. It could be the difference of your camera stopping now or 10 feet from now. That is a big difference.

Welcome to Glass Select


When I get my chip repair done on my windshield will it go away?

Chip repairs are structural repairs, not cosmetic. We cannot take away the impact of the damage that occurred (or how scary it was). Our main concern is saving your existing glass and preventing this damage from spreading.

When I bring my car into your shop do I drop it off all day?

No. Our team schedules an appointment with you and if you are getting ‘the full kick’ (windshield replacement and recalibration) performed you will be able to drive away within 1.5 hours.

Can you come to me?

Sure! We proudly offer mobile services to the DFW area.

Should I wait to get my vehicle inspected until after you do the windshield replacement because of my sticker(s)?

We will gladly transfer the stickers that were on your vehicle's windshield when we do the replacement. If you have a new inspection sticker, let us know and we will gladly put it on for you.

I don't Know or understand the insurance process for this. What now?

It's okay- that's our job. We are here and will gladly walk you through it one step at a time. You have questions and we have answers- One kick at a time...
We provide the most proficient auto glass installation and replacement services in the greater Dallas area.
610 S Sherman, Richardson, TX 75081