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We offer professional auto glass repair and replacement in DFW.

Repair - The Stretch Service

Did you drive through a construction zone or just down the Tollway behind that trucker? Did a rock fly up and hit your windshield?
Wow! Sometimes it is SO scary when something hits your glass. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you dont. We have heard a lot of crazy stories. We can't take the scare factor away when it initially happened, but we can give you peace of mind that the repair has been made with our state of the art tools and backed with our lifetime guarantee.

We will repair your windshield before it gets too large to fix. 

Our trained and certified Ninjas will be there before you know it to repair your windshield using state of the art equipment. Let us handle this so it is one less thing you need to worry.

Replacement - 'The Full Kick’ Service

Windshield replacement:
Did you have a chip that spread across your windshield and is now a crack or did something hit your windshield and now you have a long crack? We can replace your windshield for you so you can see clearly down the road again without anything in blocking your view.
Side or back glass:
Did your vehicle get broken into? Storm damage?

Any reason, any vehicle, any piece of glass- we can replace it. Our dedicated team of Ninjas and Ninjettes work tirelessly to make sure we are up to date on the latest and greatest in automotive glass to serve you and your vehicle.

Recalibration - 'The Double Kick’ Service

This is the newest part of the automotive glass industry involving the safety system and the technology in your vehicle. Certified Ninjas who will recalibrate your vehicle's camera back to the manufacturer's specifications.

For more information, please refer to the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance system)
We provide the most proficient auto glass installation and replacement services in the greater Dallas area.
610 S Sherman, Richardson, TX 75081